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Soulful Prairies is a space that embodies gentle energy that many have described as peace.
The land offers room for self-observation without judgment. Find your potential to live fully and authentically at Soulful Prairies.

The Equine Gestalt practice

about the practice

Through experiential opportunities within a safe environment, individuals can begin to open to their own truths and see themselves as they are meant to be. I utilize the Gestalt method, alongside my equine partners, to help people fully see themselves, and find the inherent answers within.

Sessions can be tailored to individuals, couples, groups, or as a retreat arrangement. Click the link below to learn more about my practice or book with me.

Soul to soul gestalt

My Gestalt Practice allows clients to tap into their innate sense of who they are, through awareness. Often, unfinished business from an individual's past can continue to create a reactionary state within. Through the experiential Gestalt process, this energy can be transformed and clients find the freedom to reconnect with their own inherent truth and wisdom.

As I meet with clients we find a path together that feels comfortable and on target for their specific goals. Sessions may be held at Soulful Prairies, over Zoom, or via phone. You do not have to have any experience with horses and we always move at the pace that feels right to you. The sessions can take place in a pasture, in the arena, in a round pen, or out in a big open field. At times, inclement weather may bring us indoors.

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About Linda Bruce

I have combined my four years of training in Gestalt with my background in social work and counseling to create a beautiful balance. I continue to learn and grow daily through extended training programs. Each brings new depth to my practice in areas of trauma, individual growth, and relational growth.

I didn’t know, until I did ~ I am a true Gestaltist at heart. I believe we are the keepers of our souls and know beyond a whisper of doubt that each of us holds our own simple truths. Through awareness, desire and a willingness to honor all parts of self, we find our truth, our passion and our joy.

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Gestalt Is...

Leaning into and trusting that emotions are present to teach and offer growth.

It is within the discomfort that we find ourselves and where freedom lies. Our bodies hold memories that remind us something still desires to be discovered and unearthed. Gestalt connects us to our bodies, our unfinished wounds and allows us to come home to our true selves.

the gestalt practice

Why I work with horses

Horses are herd and prey animals and therefore are tuned into the present moment. They carry the unique ability to sense emotional energy which creates the opportunity for growth and awareness in each client. Each horse carries a unique gift which benefits the herd as a whole.  As we step into an arena or pasture with them, we are gifted with the individualism of their essence. They teach us about our somatic emotional body, create awareness and how awareness brings shifts. 

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Linda has created a piece of heaven on earth as she has developed and grown Soulful Prairies. I discovered Soulful Prairies when scrolling online and came to the Feed Your Soul Group. My life has been blessed in so many ways since this first encounter. The thoughtful details of chairs hanging from trees, a fire pit, a cabin, a fairy forest and walking paths for contemplation, allows space and safety to regroup and find your way.
Pat S

Linda is a beautiful practitioner. She is attentive and stays present moment to moment. Linda communicates a safety and also an ability to stay with her client in the midst of uncertainty, helping to bring understanding and awareness.

With fluidity and grace, Linda provides a safe and secure place that clients almost react with surprise that their "limiting beliefs" which had been preventing them from reaching their full potential, had been so graciously resolved.
Heather W.

The best cure for anxiety I have found so far…hug a donkey! Not just a quick hug like one for a great-aunt you see once a year, a deep hug like your saying hello to a dear friend you haven’t seen in years. Lay your head into them and listen to their breath. Spend a couple of minutes here just being. Make yourself one with your four-legged friend! This works with horses also, I just happened to choose Cooper as my therapy animal today.
- Lynne

Linda has the ability to be soft and compassionate. She has an awareness of when a client needs to be moved and when to be still and quiet. This all creates a incredible sense of safety.

Soulful prairies' impact

At Soulful Prairies, we believe in making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us. Through our unwavering commitment to local causes and organizations, we're proud to share that we've contributed significantly to our community.


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