Brain, Body, Soul

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May 4th - May 5th

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM


$875 - Early Bird

Horse and human attunement

This event came together when three people who care deeply for the well being of horses and humans realized the combination of their talents would offer a new experience and perspective to participants. If we slow down and listen, horses open a space for us to expand our awareness and connect to all beings on a different level. 

This two day experience will not only give you tools to create a connected relationship with your horse but will also reveal your own style. Each human and each horse communicate differently. As we learn how to read and understand what is going on within the horse's brain, body and soul, we find answers to what may be enhancing or blocking a relationship from deepening.  

Through informational segments, demonstration and experimentation in the comfortable surroundings of Soulful Prairies, you will learn about the impactful subtleties of the brain, body, soul of both horse and human.

Enjoy the opportunity to work with the Soulful Prairies herd and bring your newfound wisdom back to your horse. For training purposes we will be hosting one guest mustang

We bring you this opportunity with a deep respect and honor for the horse and human alike.

  • Experiences will be held in the pastures, pens and arena
  • Saturday 9:00AM - 4:30PM, Sunday 9:00AM - 4:00PM
  • Lunch included both days
  • Lodging is not included but is available, CLICK THROUGH HERE to reserve a room
  • Experience is with the Soulful Prairies herd, participants will not be bringing in their own horses


Linda Bruce

Linda owns and runs Soulful Prairies. As an Equine Gestalt Practitioner, her passion is bringing humans and horses together to create an environment of self-discovery. When she is not seeing clients, she offers other healing services to the visitors at Soulful Prairies.

Annamaria Sims

Annamaria Sims, Equine Massage Therapist, started her journey with horses back in 2005 when she began volunteering at the therapeutic riding center her children attended. It grew into a passion as she was exposed to the healing powers of the horse and everything they offered naturally and therapeutically. She believes that horses are at their best when they are sound physically. This led her to the power of equine massage and the impact it has on the horse’s ability to perform and nurture. In addition to her massage work in IL and WI, Annamaria has recently worked with wild mustangs at multiple events nationally in an effort to have them adopted to forever homes.

Sky Epperson

As a Brain Based Horseman, Sky, has worked with Mustangs placed in 11 different states and 2 countries, he also has worked with horses in three different continents. Sky believes that although there are many training methods that can help horses and mustangs, Brain-Based Horsemanship is a key role in a solid foundation. Mustang Adoption Academy, (MAA), has a high-rate of success in re-training mustangs captured by the Bureau of Land Management through its Brain-Based Horsemanship (“BBA”). One poignant story is Ajax, Ajax came to MAA as an untouched mustang. Soon into his re-training with BBA, he began to bond with humans. As people have helped Ajax he will, in turn, help people enrolled in Gateway’s Trauma Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program located in Potomac, IL. The Mustang Adoption Academy is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization.

Soulful Prairies Cancellation Policy

50% of Registration Amount 30 days or more for first meeting 100% Registration Amount less than 30 days from first meeting

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