commitment to sustainability

As a child, my family taught me the value of honoring the earth and its resources. When stopping at rest areas during family trips, my Mom and Dad told us we had to pick up twenty pop tabs before climbing back into our car to continue our journey. This was just the beginning of my deeply seated value of respect for the environment.

preservation and protection

In 2013, thirty-four acres of Soulful Prairies were put into the McHenry County Land Conservancy to help preserve and protect the property. Through the Land Conservancy, we connected with Fish and Wildlife and worked with them to install a water structure in our pond.

The structure regulates the depth of the pond in order to draw native plants and birds to the area. In restoring Soulful Prairies to its native state, it is reassuring to know that it will continue to be protected for hundreds of years to come.

Home to Birds, Turtles and Wildlife  

Endangered birds and species have been tracked over the years and we see our efforts are paying off. An endangered Blanding turtle was tracked on Soulful Prairies' property and other unique species continue to emerge as we create an environment that is conducive to their needs. Each year as we stay true to our mission of creating a healthy, natural environment, the native wildlife continues to thrive.

Clean Energy

In 2012, we installed solar panels, generating nearly all of Soulful Prairies’ energy. As we have grown, the panels are now a smaller portion of our power source. Our home is heated and cooled using geothermal energy, a sustainable energy source. We are open to new ideas in the world of sustainability and work to do our part in supporting long-term ecological balance. 

Soulful Prairies believes we must reuse all the time, recycle when there is no other option, compost what we can, and throw away as little as possible. We lead by example and hope that our visitors and guests can walk away knowing they made a small difference and perhaps learning some practices to use at home. In our effort to reduce plastic use, we have collected a variety of beautiful china, glasses and silverware that bring a flare to our events. 

bees at work

In the process of bringing Soulful Prairies back to its natural and native state, we brought bees to the prairie. A local beekeeper now manages two hives on the property for us. The native plants, flowers, and gardens are flourishing thanks to the bees’ hard work. We are also able to enjoy honey and other bee products that are created from our own Soulful Prairies' bees. Don’t forget to grab a bottle of  honey during your next visit!

Reusing, working with renewable resources and paying close attention to how our actions affect the environment are important steps necessary for change.