The soulful prairies story

Our story starts with a woman who had a crazy passion for horses, people, and prairies.

When I found this little corner of the world in Woodstock, I instantly felt connected and at home. All the buildings were falling down and there were weeds everywhere. The property was a complete mess but I could feel the energy of what was to be. I didn't have a plan and my husband thought that I was mad. But, he believed in me and knew that this project was going to fill me up in a way I couldn't even imagine at the time. He strapped a pair of strong, beautiful wings on my back and encouraged me to fly. This was just the start of the Soulful Prairies story.

I also found that all this work makes for the deepest sleep I have ever known.

I learned to trust that things will be hard and then easy and then hard again; that I won't always be able to see where I'm going and what I'm doing; that being stubbornly independent doesn't always work and there is much joy in partnering with other amazing and talented people. I watched my kids grow in ways I didn't even know were available to them. They learned the exhaustion and pride that comes from a day of physical labor.

They've seen the stress that comes from owning and running your own business while also observing the exhilaration that fills you up. Unknowingly, they gave me the security to keep going when I was sure I couldn't do it alone. They have been the wind beneath those beautiful wings my husband gifted me.

My horse partners have encouraged me along the way.

Their keen sense of knowingness and ability to heal on many occasions has left me breathless. As the property took physical shape, I really had to own my purpose. That part of the story continues to unfold, but I can tell you that I find the most joy in seeing people reshape themselves. We are here on this planet to experiment, seek, fall and get back up again, all the while becoming more and more of who we are really meant to be. If I can be a stepping stone to helping someone along their travels of exploration I am grateful and honored.

I will continue to pay attention to Soulful Prairies’ wise energy and be the conduit for projects that promote good in the world. The chapters to our story continue to be written and the calling is an ever-changing imperfect masterpiece. We look forward to all that is to come.

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