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It takes a team of talented, passionate, and invested people to create something great. My one-woman show has expanded by leaps and bounds over the years. Our crew is made up of family, tradespeople, clients, clinicians, and friends who have helped move us forward, past and present.

Soulful Prairies would not be what it is today without our gifted crew. When people stay the night at Soulful Prairies, I put a chocolate bar on their pillow with a message that says, "Thanks for being a part of the Soulful Prairies story" Every visitor adds to the story. What started small has since grown because of the unique blend of people and energy that passes through our gates.

the soulful prairies story

soulful prairie Supporters

Our supporter group helps with a multitude of projects from cleaning, animal care and event support management. Sometimes we need only a few people and other times the entire crew gets together.

We are always grateful to our supporters and find that the connections made between the group members is also rewarding. Each spring we publish a calendar reflecting the dates we need assistance for and the number of supporters for each date. Thanks for your interest!

We can’t wait for you to become part of the Soulful Prairies story!

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