Sovereign Souls

Elevating inner freedom and strength. A fund to honor a gentle soul whose time was cut short on this planet and was unable to share all of her gifts, hopes and dreams to make the world a better place.

This idea sprouted from pure sweet intentions. A husband, daughter, son, friend and horse decided to create a way for individuals, who do not have the means to experience life changing Gestalt work, to have access to grant money. This unlikely team of a horse and humans alike did not want to waste time, energy and money on creating a not for profit.

So ~ a fund was created.

It is a simple concept. A low profit LLC where funds reside to be used specifically and only for the purpose of Gestalt Services.The very first funds raised for Sovereign Souls started when an agreement was made between Betsy's family  and Soulful Prairies. Tom, and his children, Jordan and Ryan, wanted to continue to help care for Bugg, the horse Betsy had a deep relationship with at the farm. We mutually agreed that a portion of the monthly board money would be set aside for Gestalt clients in need.

We believe individuals should not be denied Gestalt Services due to lack of financial ability to pay.  In the past, we have worked hard to always find a way to serve those in need through sliding scales and other grant resources. The fund of Sovereign Souls will allow more clients in need to have access to Gestalt services.  We can accept monetary support for the fund, however, funds donated to this account are not tax deductible at this time.

Anyone with financial need seeking Gestalt Services will complete a grant request form. The grantee is expected to pay what they can and the remainder of the Gestalt Session fees are covered through the grant. The Sovereign Souls team will vote on the grant requests, denying or approving them. Grant money is not paid out until all said sessions and services are rendered.

For more information feel free to email us.

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For the first time in the last few years I felt that I was in a safe and supportive environment. One where I felt cared for. And cared about. One where I felt SEEN and valued. Where I could openly share my story and my struggles and receive what I so desperately needed. I felt cradled. Cradled by the space, the land, the cabin, the animals, the food, the gifts, the women, and by Linda.
I found ME again. The me that is so creative and sees wonder in so many things. The me that feels comfortable in the presence of others. The me that has so much hope for the future. She was finally able to re-emerge because I felt so safe at Soulful Prairies. And that is life changing.
- C.S.

My Gestalt experience was truly moving. Linda created a safe space for us to open up. Her guidance while processing some of my trauma was quite healing. Seeing how the horses interacted with what we were sharing was incredible. I truly felt their support. I feel honored  to have had the opportunity to experience this retreat. I felt nurtured, cared for, heard and empowered.
- L.L.

I felt connected and peaceful. Acknowledging what was effecting me, gave me the perspective I needed to start moving forward.
- S.J.

Linda really understood me and helped me with my emotions and the horses were so amazing to work with. This is the best experience I've ever had. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.
- R.S.

the Sovereign Souls fund

For further details or to support our mission, please reach out via email. Together, let's continue empowering individuals through the Sovereign Souls Fund, fostering a community where transformative healing is within reach for everyone.

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