Awe to Wonder

Connection through Gentle Curiosity

Awe to Wonder

October 3rd - October 6th

This weekend will be spent slowing down and connecting to the wonderment and beauty around us and within.

Lately I have been pulled to the idea of simplicity. We will recenter through connection,  horses, nature, wholesome local organic food, and surrounding ourselves with beauty.

The inspiration for this idea of slow and simple came from clinician Deb Dana ~ “Did you know about glimmers? A glimmer is the opposite of a trigger. Like a micro moment that makes you happier, a little moment of awe, something that makes you feel hope. Once you start looking for them and embracing them, your life feels so much sweeter.”

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The Property

Come enjoy the 80 acre property of Soulful Prairies in Woodstock, Illinois. Take time to retreat in the quiet pines, commune with the fairies in the Fairy Forest, walk the labyrinth and trails and spend time with a horse, a goat, a pig and the natural wildlife on the property. There is so much of Soulful Prairies to enjoy and explore.


Your overnight accommodations will be in the Guest Suites on the lower level of the Main House or in the historic 1840’s log cabin. All accommodations are single occupancy or if coming with friends or family, double occupancy is available. 

The four shabby chic bedrooms of the Guest Suites share two full bathrooms and a cozy common sitting area with kitchenette amenities. You will also have access to the Pasture View Lounge where you can relax and view the herd wander the back pastures of the property.  More about Soulful lodging.

Go back in time while staying in our historic log cabin. The three upstairs bedrooms share a full bathroom, full kitchen and sitting area on the first floor. Enjoy visiting your Cabin  “neighbors”, our Soulful Prairies chickens, goats and pig. More about Soulful lodging.


Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.

Other details

Maximum attendance, 12 guests

Guests 21 years and older welcome.


Retreat Price:


Cancellation Policy:

60 days or more before retreat - 100% refund

30-59 days before retreat - 50% refund

Less than 30 days before retreat - no refunds

new perspectives

The appreciation of a slower pace will bring you a sense of peace and calm. Find your center and leave with an awareness of the simple “glimmers” around you. 

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The Experience

Thursday Evening 

~ Settle In

~ Welcome bundle

~ Tour of the property

~ Bonfire in the Savannah

~ Circle up

~ Create your own delicious dinner over the fire

~ Set intentions


~ Yoga

~ Walking Meditation

~ Circle Up - Gestalt Experience

~ Explore and journal  with the songs of nature

~ Let's get creative

~ Hang with the herd

~ Circle up

~ Sign up for a massage if you'd like (extra charge)


~ Guided imagery with the herd

~ Circle up - Gestalt Experience

~ Afternoon time to wander the prairie

~ Sign up for a massage if you'd like (extra charge)


~ Yoga

~ Gong in the pasture

~ Circle up

~ Remembrance gift

Meet your facilitator(s)

Linda Bruce

Linda owns and runs Soulful Prairies. As an Equine Gestalt Practitioner, her passion is bringing humans and horses together to create an environment of self-discovery. When she is not seeing clients, she offers other healing services to the visitors at Soulful Prairies.

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This picture I took of a stormy night at Soulful Prairies represents the experiences we have here. You open doors in our minds to expose the storm. I am so grateful to have found you and Soulful Prairies.

Whether you’re looking for solitude or connection, Linda’s retreats truly feed the soul. I have attended several,, and each time I return home renewed with a deeper understanding and acceptance of self. Linda has the rare ability to hold non-judgmental space for the complexity we experience as human beings in this world. Everyone deserves the chance to be seen and to touch into the freedom possible when we can look at ourselves and others with compassion and grace. These retreats offer that and more; I highly recommend them.

I had no idea of what to expect for this retreat but had I - they would have been blown out of the water. The space was full of learning and growth. I could not be more grateful for the experience!

A true slice of heaven... the space and vibe of Freedom Reigns and the guidance of Linda. A perfect match! A calming joy.

Linda has the ability to be soft and compassionate. She has an awareness of when a client needs to be moved and when to be still and quiet. This all creates a incredible sense of safety.