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2025 Dates Coming Soon

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM



Taking care of those who take care of others

Dedicated people who devote their attentions to the growth and care of others need to balance the demands in their life and create personal space to connect within. Without this balance we threaten our life force and spirit.

Come for a day where we bring together others who have similar experiences. You will have the opportunity to share the gifts and struggles you are faced with. We will take time to absorb the herd's energy while learning from their quiet peaceful way of life. This day is about unwinding, connecting back to nature and giving yourself time to be. We will end the day with sound healing and meditation to bring you into a relaxed and renewed state. The guided portion of the day will be done at 3:30 PM. You are welcome to stay awhile longer to enjoy a swing, hammock or visit the fairies in the fairy forest.


Soulful Prairies Soul Care Days

These retreats are designed by Soulful Prairies with a particular population in mind where we see the need for connection and care.

2025 Dates TBD

  • Lunch included
  • Event is held in the Arena - not heated or air-conditioned so please wear appropriate clothing
  • Please wear closed-toe shoes
  • Minimum/Maximum Attendance - 6/12
  • Guests 18 years and older are welcome


Customized Dual-Facilitated Soul Care Days

These retreats are created when someone is passionate about a particular population and works in collaboration with Soulful Prairies and Linda to create a special day for a unique population.


Customize a Soul Care Day with your own group

These retreats are created and customized for the needs of your group and facilitated by Linda.

Attendee Limits:


Linda Bruce

Linda owns and runs Soulful Prairies. As an Equine Gestalt Practitioner, her passion is bringing humans and horses together to create an environment of self-discovery. When she is not seeing clients, she offers other healing services to the visitors at Soulful Prairies. Learn more about Linda here!

Soulful Prairies Cancellation Policy

Given that our events typically involve small groups and each reservation holds a limited spot, we are unable to offer refunds. However, if you are unable to attend, you are welcome to transfer your registration to a friend.

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