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1:00PM - 3:30PM/4:00PM


$775 - $400 at registration, $375 invoiced at a later date

Trust, connection and bonds

The trust that develops when the same group of women come together consistently is breathtaking. This group is a match for anyone who is looking for personal growth or anyone seeking the opportunity to move through pain or unfinished trauma in a safe space. The beauty in groups is the closeness that comes as we support each other through transformational life struggles and growth.

The group, a maximum of 10 participants, will meet twelve times, ideally every other week. Scheduling will be as flexible as possible given the group’s needs, holidays and other issues that may arise, which may result in the Group meeting beyond the initial six months. The Group may also meet on zoom from time to time as situations dictate.

Future Group Details:
  • Groups will meet in the Arena as weather permits, otherwise in the Main House
  • Groups will meet twelve times over six months, every other week, with flexibility in scheduling
  • The schedule will consider the group’s needs, holidays and other issues
  • Continued group sessions after six month period will be decided by the group and additional charges will apply
  • Maximum Attendance – 10
  • The start date of the Groups will commence when the minimum number of interested participants is reached

Important Information:

  • If interested in future closed Soulful Prairies group. Please let us know - FUTURE CLOSED GESTALT GROUPS
  • Our experience has taught us that the Fall is the best time to begin these groups.


Linda Bruce

Linda owns and runs Soulful Prairies. As an Equine Gestalt Practitioner, her passion is bringing humans and horses together to create an environment of self-discovery. When she is not seeing clients, she offers other healing services to the visitors at Soulful Prairies.

Soulful Prairies Cancellation Policy

50% of Registration Amount 30 or more days from event 100% of Registration Amount less than 30 days from event

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