The Path

There were weeds chest high and one bumpy road winding its way through a property left unloved for a handful of years. The majority of the buildings that once stood on the grounds were in disrepair and had been knocked down. Even then, the vision of what was to be had begun to flow through the land and present itself in a human voice.

The ideas and layout started to take shape with a few florescent plastic ribbons tied to the tops of stakes and tapped into the earth. The horse barn would be the first building to make its permanent home at Soulful Prairies and was in its framing stage.

In the midst of the conception, amongst the weeds, we began a collective-project, a flagstone path leading from the idea of a road to a crumbling stone lookout area. I look back at that now and think why? Why would the first project indulged in be a path starting nowhere and ending at a possibility?

The kids and I created a system of digging out the hard uncooperative earth to construct enough of an indentation to hold the stones in place. The mosaic flagstone puzzle became a work of art that family, friends and unsuspecting visitors became a part of. A sense of pride and community wove its way through the spirits of the contributors. Week by week the path’s final destination became more obvious.

The completed path winds its way down the center of Soulful Prairies and reminds me that there are times when you just have to start. The enormity of a situation can be paralyzing. Yet with the path, I saw that steady intentional deliberation allows for clarity to quietly present itself.

As silly as that project seemed at the time, now when I glance down its imperfectly uneven surface I am reminded to trust what is in front of me even if I cannot fully make out all the details. I am reminded that what may seem unruly and nonsensical may be my intuition offering a gift to unwrap slowly without expectation.

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