Connecting With A Horse

Article by Pat Pfaller

How is it that I feel I can communicate and connect with a horse without the horse being able to talk?

It sounded more than challenging for me when I started my sessions with Linda. But over time I truly feel, with her patience and guidance, that I have been able to communicate with Cody. And he can’t speak. How does that happen then?

I have experienced Cody’s connection to my inner feelings on many occasions. One time, in a large group setting, he knew I was having a lot of emotions, as it was what would have been my daughter’s birthday. Sara died 9 years earlier, and it is an ongoing struggle and one I talk with Linda about at length in our sessions, where she encourages me to speak freely, cry as much as I need to, come up with ideas on how to honor her memory and cope on a daily basis, in a compassionate and safe setting. This particular session was a group of about 10 women. I didn’t say anything about what I was feeling or what the date meant to me.

But as soon as I sat down in the circle in the arena, Cody came over and stood behind my chair, with his head over mine. Occasionally he would lean down and put his chin on top of my head, or breathe in and out by my ear. For 45 minutes he stood over and behind me, as everyone was talking about different issues and ideas, and just his presence, knowing he was connecting with my heart, was so calming and comforting. Without being able to speak, he made it known to me that he was there for me, supporting me, helping me.

Linda talks about listening with your heart ears, and when I am around Cody I feel my heart is more open. With her gentle questions, I feel I can listen with my heart ears. It really helped me that night to know that he was there, understood with his heart, and wanted to help me get through the session by supporting me and raising my vibrations.

Connecting with a horse, without words, just with an open heart. How amazing is that? We all crave connections, humans, and animals. I thank Linda for introducing me to this form of counseling and opening my eyes and heart to something new. Sometimes we just need someone to be there, supporting us, without saying anything, sometimes with a gentle touch or a breath.

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